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With no shortage of talent and great ideas out there to inspire us, there has never been a better time to dream big. But whether we’re looking to learn or to lead, the biggest challenge most of us face is content clutter.

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Continuum is a next-generation video sharing app, available on smart TVs and mobile devices, that brings inspirational content from thought leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators directly to the people who want to view it.


Created By A New Generation

Viewers can enjoy carefully selected video content from real people, streaming to their TV or mobile device, for free. Continuum members can further fuel their passion by connecting with each other. In the era of social media, why settle for a one-sided broadcast?


A Catalyst For Change

By propagating great ideas and facilitating meaningful social and professional connections, Continuum elevates both viewers and members. There is a continuum that joins all of us together; from dreamers to doers, artists to inventors, business leaders to community advocates. It’s time to cut through the noise, and collaborate.

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